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Vip Transportation

Our private transfer service unit which is available in Karia Travel; domestic and foreign companies with a name in the sector ...< More >

Airport Transfer

Antalya Airport, Dalaman, Bodrum Airport and İzmir Airport landing guests or adrese ... < More >

Rent a Car

Minivan, sport model? Automatic or manual gearbox? Four-wheel drive, front-wheel drive? You just decide what you want...< More >

Chauffeured Car Hire

The duration of our cars and the brand choices you want to rent with driver vary according to your wishes...< More >

Yacht Charter

By taking advantage of our private yacht and yacht chartering service, we can make your domestic and foreign tourists come to visit our city with pleasant hours.< More >

Jet Charter

In other words, private aircraft chartering is a form of private or corporate air transport made with a private plane. Custom jets are usually ...< More >

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Since 2004, we have been serving with quality service and economic price policy.
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Corporate Service

Our Chairman of the Board of Directors established the first company in 2004.

Economic Price Policy

Since 2004, quality service and economic pricing policy has been followed.

Online Reservation

Acquire cash from both time and time by making an online reservation via EkonomikTransfer.com, our group of companies.

Customer Happiness

Since its inception, Karia Travel has been providing customer satisfaction with 99.8% satisfaction since 2004.

Karia Travel

The Chairman of the Board of Directors established the Group's first company in 2004. This initiative, which was created in order to carry out commercial activities in the field of car hire, was the first step of the construction of the name Karia Travel.

Our company is actively using technological and modern management practices at every stage of the product-service cycle. Our goal is to be an exemplary practitioner of corporate governance and ethical values throughout our production and commercial activities, which is our goal of increasing added value for our stakeholders. our company is an institutional culture; innovation, consistency, flexibility, transparency, quality, social responsibility, customer orientation, team work.





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