Vip Transfer

Our private transfer service unit which is available in Karia Travel; provides special transfer services to senior managers, private guests and company personnel of domestic and foreign capitalized companies with modern and equipped vehicles, experienced and respectful vehicle drivers. Private transfer services; The use of vehicles and drivers as much as companies require. Thus, the transportation of company employees; meeting of domestic and foreign guests at the hotel, meeting transfer, airport transfers, distant or close transportation. In this respect, companies do not deal with personnel expenses such as purchasing, maintenance and advancement of personnel, taxi package, filling out expense form. This system saves companies and at the same time does not encounter problems caused by transportation. Private transfer services are carried out in our company if it is demanded to follow the works such as the transfer of documents to different enterprises, banks, customs offices and official offices of the companies. The vehicles we use during the Private Transfer Service are kept under control by vehicle tracking system based on 7/24 basis and all transfer follow-up data is reached when requested. "Single Invoice System" has been created in which expenditures can be tracked easily instead of cost items that are followed separately. Thus, control and internal audit are facilitated. the Company; all the information they requested was provided in monthly or daily basis in the report format.